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About NEF


What began as a meeting of Newcastle Alumni to discuss forming an Alumni Association, quickly evolved into something greater. The Alumni wanted to do more than just form an alumni association, they wanted to give back by supporting Newcastle students. The intent was to focus on propelling Newcastle students to greatness through innovative means...."thinking outside box".  The Newcastle Education Foundation was founded and bylaws adopted in the summer of 2004. This gave a platform in which to financially support the students and staff of Newcastle Public Schools. 

The founding members were Tracy Shirley, Kris McKay, Alan Thompson, Carroll Askins and Terri Bates. Pat Atkinson, Jim Inskeep, Holly Lowe and Dewayne Smith joined the group to form the first Board of Directors. The first NEF grants were awarded in 2005. The foundation has worked faithfully year after year to support Newcastle Public Schools.

It is our foster excellence in education through innovation in the classroom and the empowerment of motivated teachers and administrators by providing financial assistance for grants and awards for special projects and scholarships for the benefit of the students, educators and staff of the Newcastle Public Schools. We will do this through the careful and studied allocation of all funds entrusted to us by the members and businesses of our community

​It is our desire as a Foundation to work with the Newcastle Public Schools system to recognize, encourage and promote academic excellence in our schools.


It is our goal to support our school in a manner which will allow our students to explore their limits and expand their horizons through the use of state/of/the/art equipment, inventive curriculum and creative programs.


It is our hope that the students we send forward into the world will return with the skills and desire to make their community a better place.


It is our dream to give our students the foundation they need to go forward from our schools prepared to compete in any school or any market in the nation.

Abstract Background

Executive Board of Directors

 Joshua Mangus, Chairman
Jeannie Stewart, Vice Chairman
Brittany Houser, Treasurer
Erica Phillips, Secretary
Josh Bray, Member at Large
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