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Opportunity Tax Credits

up to a 75% tax credit

We are thrilled to share with you a new opportunity that will allow you and other donors to make an even greater difference for NPS students. The Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Act allows supporters of public education to receive an up to 50-75% tax credit for their contributions to NEF. The funds will be used to provide innovative educational opportunities for Newcastle students.

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Couples filing jointly are eligible to receive a tax credit of up to $2,000; a person filing as an individual can receive up to $1,000; and a qualified business entity can receive up to $100,000 in state tax credits.

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You can make a pledge for a one-time gift or a two-year gift. One-time gifts are eligible for a 50% tax credit, while gifts given in two consecutive years are eligible for a 75% tax credit.

You can deduct the portion of your gift not reduced by the tax credit from your federal taxes as a charitable gift contribution if you itemize, making the cost of donating to your local public school even lower.

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