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Teacher Grants

2022 Fall Submission Deadline: October 31

2023 Spring Submission Deadline: January 31

2022 Fall Grant Awards Announced: December

2023 Spring Grant Awards Announced: March


1. Programs supported by the foundation will be evaluated and prioritized by the Allocations Committee based on compliance with the foundations mission statement, clear demonstration of need, and budgetary constraints. Final approval for grants will be determined by vote of the foundation’s board of directors. All funding requests will be considered only after determining that they represent incremental programs that are outside of the Board of Education approved budget.


2. The foundation wishes to evaluate programs without the knowledge of who submitted the grant.


3. The foundation wishes to fund programs that emphasize new approaches to teaching and develop innovative programs which stimulate thought and expand the existing curriculum.


4. The foundation wishes to fund programs that directly benefit the students of Newcastle Public Schools.


5. The Finance Committee will recommend to the foundation the amount of money each year which is available for grants. Any funds not awarded in a given year will remain in the foundations principal balance. A minimum of 15 % of the funds raised by the foundation will be retained to establish and augment the endowment fund.

6. All applications should be very clear and thorough in all respects. The Allocations Committee may require additional information from the applicant and shall notify the Principal. If necessary, the applicant will be given the opportunity to respond. However, this may result in an evaluation deduction of no more that 5 points (at the discretion of each Grant Evaluator).


7. The Allocations Committee may award up to 5 bonus points for any application which was submitted but not awarded in any pervious school year (at the discretion of each Grant Evaluator).


8. Gross non-compliance of these guidelines may result in the rejection of an application.


9. In order for funds to be distributed by the foundation, an invoice or other form of documentation must be provided to the Treasurer to ensure that funds have been utilized according to the parameters of the grant. All awarded funds not used by April 1st of the corresponding school year shall be forfeited unless an extension has been granted by the Allocations Committee.

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